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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  October 28, 2012 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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at any chase depositfriendly atm and checks right from your smartphone. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. campus.... we'll show you why a measure on the november ballot has sparked a law suit against the california state university system. ....i'll have a live report with the election less than two weeks away... we'll show you how the latino vote could have a big impact on election day. the last presidential debate is over ... but many people are still confused about what the polls have to say. update news starts right
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now. hello and welcome to update news... im rashida gilmore. and i'm bentli bejan... thank you for joining us. topping our newscast ... an anti-tax organization is suing the california state univiersity system. the group says ... the c-s-u should not be using public funds to promote proposition 30 ... which would raise some taxes to fund education. update news tim vantress is looking into the controversy and has a live report ... tim. it's election season, and professors have to be careful when speaking about issues on the ballot. the state university system is already on notice. " students are seen on campus promoting election campaigns virtually every day.
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herlinda aguirre, president, students for quality education: "we have a possibility, we have a viable opportunity to make a stop to this cut for this year." sometimes, even teachers join them . . . . . . but not while they are on the job. c-s-u monterey bay is being sued for this very reason. the howard jarvis taxpayers association claims a teacher sent an e-mail advocating proposition 30 with a university-given address. larry carr: (associate vp of public affairs): "as state employees, we are not allowed to use state resources for political purposes." associate vice president of public affairs larry carr says when elections roll around, teachers have to be extra careful. even using state-owned equipment to print a flier can be considered a violation of the law. "we do periodically remind
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people of that during campaign seasons and big elections, which is primarily when those issues come up, so we send those kind of reminders." there is a fine line to walk between educating and advocating. but though they may not be able to promote in the classroom, as journalism professor henry tenenbaum says (ten-en-bowm), they can do what their job description implies: educate. "the important thing is that people who represent the university can legally can educate. you can educate students, educate taxpayers on the facts. they cannot tell people, as i understand it, 'that's-why-we-want-you-to-vote" as carr says, the idea isn't to convince the student body to vote one way or another. it's to make sure they do it for the right reasons. carr: "we're allowed to, and we think it's our responsibility to educate people about issues and about the importance of voting."" proponents for proposition 30 want it to pass so the c-s-u system will avoid a $250 million-dollar cut. but those against it don't agree with raising state and income taxes to make up the cost, but instead feel there are still programs that the state can cut.
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live on campus, tim vantress, update news. joining us now to talk about prop 30 and the budget crisis here at s-j-s-u is dr. charles bullock ... the dean of the college of applied sciences and arts. thanks for joining us .... so dr. bullock, as an educator what stance are you telling your teachers to take in terms of prop 30? what is this school facing if prop 30 doesnt pass? what should students be prepared for or be doing to
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plan for next semester? can you guarantee that students who are planning to graduate next semester will be able to get the classes that they need?
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do you remain optimistic about the future of higher education in california and why?
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thanks for joining us dr.bullock the u-s census bureau says latinos make up one of six residents in the united states. so with the election day less then two weeks away... will the latino vote have an impact (?) update news' pedro garcia shows us the last minute push to register latinos to vote. " on the corner of story and king in east san jose...a group that advocates for immigrant rights...siren attempted to get latinos registered to vote. jeremy barousse/ siren "we are out here registering voters. it's the last day to register to vote in the state of california, so we've just launching this massive outreach to get those last minute immigrants who are out here who want to register to vote." in the united states, there are more than 21 million eligible latino voters. about 11 million of them are registered to vote. 6 and a half million voted in the previous election. political activist omar torres says every voice counts.
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omar torres/political activist "it's extremely important that we go out there and vote because our vote is important you know some of our family members came into this country to find a better life and we have to do our duty to say you know what, our vote is our voice and we have to go out there and vote." political anaylst say the presidential election could be one of the closest ever. and if the election goes down to the wire political science professor melinda jackson says latinos could make a difference. melinda jackson/associate professor of political science "latinos historical have not registered to vote and have not turned out to vote in as high of numbers as whites and african americans. so their always...they always the poteteial of having a lot of political impact but they don't always fully utilize because we see that lower turnout." despite past lower latino turnout...advocate barousse feels helping latinos register to vote can go a long way. jeremy barousse/ siren "get out and vote let your voice be heard. we are all out here chasing the american dream. there's so many issues on the ballot that effect our everyday life and if they come out to vote we could make...we can have government all work for us and get what we want out of society." in the last election, 68
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percent of latino voters went for barack obama. in san jose pedro garcia update news." the presidential debates are over...but in the bay area, election year politics are having a rough time competing with major league baseball . and as lexy nuno shows us ... polls showing obama up and romney down ... and vice-versa ... may be confusing many voters. " (nat sound of fans chanting"giants") monday was the third and final presidential debate...but many people like ezequiel landaverde say watching the giants...comes first. (ezequiel landaverde/giants fan):"it's game seven, it's a huge game. another debate really isn't gunna do much for me."
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for some people, sports isn't the only reason the debates did not generate interest. polls and questionable facts are playing a role. (gao her/social work alumn):"with different numbers being thrown all the's confusing." and she is not alone. political experts say this election is full of numbers. (dr. melinda jackson/political expert):"each candidate brought his own set of facts to the table, and that does make it very confusing for voters." and the polls keep changing every day. (dr. melinda jackson/political expert): "you know the media is always looking for a good story and so everyday we have these headlines...oh romney's up two points, oh obama's up four points...and so that's what we call the horse race." dr. melinda jackson says that these numbers aren't the ones that matter. she says that experts really trying to predict the
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eventual winner...focus on the electoral college. san jose state is offering a convienient way for students to cast their ballots. three drop off ballot boxes have been set up on campus. the boxes are on the second floor of joe west hall, in the martin luther king library by the childrens center and by the associated students house. but not all students think the boxes are a good idea. " natally acosta rtvf: if you choose to mail in your ballot in a traditional mail box...remember it must have a 45 cents postal stamp coming up on update news we'll show you a little-known costume shop on campus ... with thousands of get-ups for every occasion. and we'll show you where you can go to get the new i-pad mini ... and avoid long lines at the apple store.
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but first we ask students what their costumes will be for halloween. " i'm going to be winnie the pooh. for halloween i'm not going to be anything. what i'm going to be is nothing unfortunately i don't have time to find a costume or be anything cool growing up sucks because i feel like i don't have the time for halloween anymore. gabby douglass. for halloween i'm going to be myself. i'm suppose to be russell from up or snow white. i'm not really dressing up. i'm going to get a sheet put two holes in it and dress up as a ghost. i'm going to be a pirate. i wont be dressing up i might do some cat ears but that's about it. probably be nothing i used to always be like a ghost
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i'd just get a sheet and cut two holes and call it a day but i'm too lazy i'll just stay home." briana villaobos (vee-ya-lobos) is here with arts and entertainment...what's going on this week briana? well guys halloween is right around the corner and just about everyone is gearing up for it. there's a costume shop on campus that few students know about. it's run by the theater arts department ... but unfortunately you won't be able to rent costumes for halloween. too bad ... because it's filled with thousands of costumes. students can rent costumes for class projects and other school related needs. costume shop manager, deborah weber, says they have a costume for every occassion. " (deborah weber/costume shop manager): "animal costumes, period costumes, and a lot of contemporary things...kind of the sky is the limit. our collection dates back probably 60-70 years."" the costumes are either bought from thrift stores, donated, and sometimes even made from scratch. it costs ten dollars to rent a costume, but again they are not available for parites or halloween.
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the san jose downtown resident's association is teaming up with local businesses to keep more money in the pockets of san jose consumers. people can use their smartphones to scan q-r codes on s-j-d-r-a flyers. it will give users a list of discounts available on the group's facebook page. codes can be used to get "flash" discounts for food and events in the downtown san jose area. the head of the group, kymberli brady, says there are opportunities for consumers and businesses alike. " they can just see posts and listings of merchants who have gone on there and said, "you know, i feel like offering 2 for 1 drinks tonight for the next hour" or a lunch specials for tomorrow, 2 for 1 lunch specials" interested downtown businesses can contact the group at 408-691-7826 or post their promotions on the s-j-d-r-a facebook page.
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apple's new ipad mini that debuted just this week... and you can expect there will be long lines to grab one when it goes on sale starting on november second... here at san jose state ... students will be able to bypass possible long lines at the malls and apple store ... by buying the ipad mini at the student union. " "we will be caring the ipad mini in two weeks and that is when you guys can get it."" and the newly released ipad four will also be available then as well. prices for the ipad mini will start at three-hundred-and twenty-nine dollars. the price will rise depending on memory and cell phone data capability. this semester bike thefts on campus are on the rise. in an attempt to prevent more bike thefts the san jose state university police department held a bike registration on campus.
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" we have had 50 bike thefts that is 20 more than last year so in order to combat theft in addition to stepping up patroles and officers enforcing bike regulations we are asking students to come and register at the university police department." the university police department also shared important information on safety resources that are available to students. if you missed the bike registration you can go to the university police office and request information on how you can register your bike. s-j-s-u in association with kqed, held a film screening for the short film "lemon" lemon is an ispirational film about lemon andersen, who despite being a three time felon finds success and comfort in writing poetry. students came in to the student union barrett ballroom to watch the film, some said they were hoping to find some inspiration. " this is a chance to kind
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of ummm, create oppurtunity to bring community into the college campuses. so they have, some sense of belonging, especially with young people." kqed plans to screen more films for students at s-j-s-u. that's it for arts and entertainment back to you guys. thank you for that briana. yeah i'm excited for halloween... i think i might be superman. in just a few weeks ... yet another grocery store will try to find success in downtown san jose. brianna villobos shows us why supermarkets haven't found a good customer base in the neighborhoods around san jose state ... but that could be changing. " with four new high rise residential buildings planned ... downtown san jose is rapidly expanding ... which means new residents will need more choices to buy their groceries. (rick jensen/downtown association) " in downtown san jose i think that the suppy of grocery stores is low compared to the demand so i think that big or small grocers is all good right now." to cater to an exptected influx of affluent downtown residents ... a new whole foods is scheduled to be built walking distance from the h-p pavillion and some students are excited.
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"i am really excited i am a whole foods type of person organic is the way to go." grocery options ... have been limited to small mom and pop stores and safeway. "as a college student wholefoods is really out of my budget and i just shop at safeway normaly its just cheaper for me." now students may have an even less expensive alternative to safeway or whole foods ... grocery outlet bargain market ... just opened on seventh and santa clara. in the end ... competition is good ... and being a smart shopper doesn't hurt either. "i am a strong believer in coupons they are valuable resource to students and for people who are on a limited income so the more you can learn about shopping the better off you will be." downtown shoppers will get even more choices when whole foods breaks ground on its new store next year. in san jose briana villalobos...update news"
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students facing graduation are also facing a bleak job outlook, but two recent sjsu business graduates created their own jobs. emeka (ah-meh-ka) nwadibia (why-dee-bee-ay) and mihn nyguen started a website called, kick the list. " "i thought wouldnt it be cool if there was a site where people can list all the fun and exciting things they want to do, and check them off when they're done and be social with friends"." on facebook, they have two hundred and thirty likes so far, a sjsu professor of entrepreneurship says you cant start a business without certain things. " "number one, you have to identify something, an idea that is a good opportunity, a good business opportunity and the second is that you need a good team, because there are very few things you can do on your own"." emeka and minh plan to have more than a couple thousand users in the near future of kick the list studies show that only two percent of teen moms go on
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to get a college degree. here at san jose state there are few resources for young mothers, but that doesnt stop many of them from acheiving their educational goals. "
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sot lisa" "i kept a 4.0 actually a 3.5 to 4.0 throughout the rest of high school". lisa was accepted into san jose state university right after high school. angel was just two years old ... lisa enrolled her at the child development center located right off of campus. the center helped make it easier for lisa to devote more time to her academic studies. sot director of the child development center "our mission is to provide early education for children of students, so while they're in school or working, they can achieve their educational goals, so were here to support them while they go to school". and that's exactly what she needed. sot lisa" "one thing to know about me, school has always been a big thing of mine". san jose state counselor wiggsy sivertsen says education is important in today's world and without a degree the job opportunities are extremely limited. sot wiggsy"
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"your going to be slinging hamburgers at mcdonalds, there's not going to be a lot of jobs for you, and since particularly the people that i know of who are women who have children and you know the issues for women in this country in terms of jobs is pretty wealthy inadequate in a lot of ways". lisa is striving to make the best life for her and her family. sot lisa" "going to school is one of the best things you can do because in this economy you cant get a job, and if you don't have a job whats your kid going to have, what can you give them? theres not much, yea you can give them love, that's the best thing obviously, but at the same time, kids need.... at the end of the day, lisa has advice for student parents. sot lisa" "stay in school, no matter how hard it is, because everything is gets harder before it gets easy, but do it for your children, not for you"." >>" lisa plans to graduate in 2015, she eventually wants to be a high school or community college teacher. with the bay area ... enjoying baseball fever ... we'll show you how the spartans' new baseball coach plans to create some magic of his own. the san jose earthquakes broke ground on their new
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stadium ... and they broke a world record in the process. but first we ask student where they were when giants won their last world series. " wally allyalrcon: i'm actually from san francisco so i was sad that i actually wasn't in the area. everybody was going crazy, we were even singing like 'we are the champions" right after the game. i'm just so stoked for this season. chris de la cruz: when the giants won the world series i wasn't watching because i was probably following basketball. it's way more exciting. cassandra labson: i was having a huge party with my uncle at my uncles house with my whole family was there rooting for the giants, you know, waiting for that uh last ending to end so that so we can finally say world series! phillip biel: two years ago i was living over in campus village in cvb and i remember when it happened we were all watching tv, we all, the whole place just
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sort of erupted. we all ran out in the quad, everyone was yelling 'go giants' everything." pedro garcia is here with sports..... pedro i hear it was a big day for earthquake fans last weekend. that's right soccer fans in the bay area will finally have a place to call home. the san jose earthquakes broke ground on their new stadium this past weekend and it was a world record setting day in san jose. our bentli bejan has the story. " a wrecking ball painted to look like a soccer ball dropped to the ground was a signal to start digging. 6.256 people with shovels did just that to mark the start of construction for the san jose earthquakes new stadium. it broke the world record for most participants involved in a new stadiums groundbreaking event, shattering the previous record of just over 4.000 in 2007 in india. fans had to take the shovels and dig for two consecutive minutes without stopping, in order to qualify as a
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participant in the world record. fans had begun lining up as early as three hours before the event just to show their support for the team. many fans patiently waited in line for their shovels. san jose mayor chuck reed was excited for the city. "it's a great day in san jose, in a few minutes, with your help, its going to be a world record breaking day in san jose. other dignataries included san jose earthquakes owner lew wolff, major league soccer commissioner don garber, and city council member sam liccardo. the stadium is located in liccardo's district. fans were enthusiastic about the new stadium and the team. the broadcast voice of the earthquakes believes the new stadium will help the team improve even more.
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"with this new stadium, we have a world class venue, so we will be able to draw, you know, whether it be thierry henry or david beckham now all of a sudden san jose is in the picture." the earthquakes are slated to begin playing in the new stadium in 2014. they will play the 2013 season at buckshaw stadium." the earthquakes enter the mls postseason as the number one seed having won the supporters shield this season for most points in the regular season. new baseball coach dave nakama has one ambitious goal and that's to transform san jose state into a contending team and finally make the wac tournamanet. recently nakama was named baseball coach replacing sam piraro who retired in july. nakama, who was the assisstant coach at stanford, helped bring four pac-10 championships, five n-c-a-a regional crowns ... and appearances in the college world series. " i learned a lot of
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things at stanford. i hope to bring some of that...some of those traits here to san jose state. and you know we can't forget there's a lot of good baseball history here at san jose state and coach piraro built that so i'm hoping we could sustain that." nakama believes the keys to success are assessing the talent that's already here ... and becoming a force in the recruitment of new talent. thats it for sports now guys, back to you! thanks pedro i loved it. that'll do it for now. thanks for staying up late with us. be sure to check us out on facebook by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' now get some rest so we can see you again next week.
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